Friday 21 Jul 2017


Welcome to Admissions

Welcome to Awsaj Academy!

Your inquiry regarding admission to Awsaj is important to us.  We encourage you to peruse our website on a regular basis as it will provide you with detailed information regarding our admissions process.  We seek to make the admissions process more clear and smooth. Thus, if you would like more information before you start the admissions process, please fill out our online contact form below.


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Upcoming  Events 

  • March 26-30: Family Week - ES
  • April 2: Autism Awareness Day, All staff & students to wear BLUE
  • April 3: Dino Show for ES students
  • April 9-13: Spring Break
  • April 23-27: PBIS Week
  • April 26-27: P/T Conferences
  • May 7-11: Teacher’s Appreciation Week
  • May 14-18: Spirit Week
  • May 25: Graduation Ceremony
  • June 15: Last Day of School