Friday 21 Jul 2017

Portfolios and the Capstone Project


 Introduction – Portfolios and the Capstone Project


By graduation, all Awsaj Academy students are expected to demonstrate these characteristics, which we call the Profile of an Awsaj Graduate:

a)Proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in both English and Arabic.

    b)Knowledge and skills necessary to successfully begin post-secondary education or a career in Qatar or abroad.       

    c)Pride in their own culture, while respecting the culture of others.

    d)An understanding of and respect for Islamic values.

    e)A commitment to lifelong learning as responsible citizens.

During your senior year, you will complete a Capstone Project to prove to the graduation committee that you are prepared to receive an Awsaj Academy diploma and go on to higher studies and/or employment. This is a requirement for graduation.


Maintaining a portfolio of your best work each year helps you see how well you are progressing toward these goals. You can use the same portfolio to show off your abilities to university admissions offices and potential employers as you approach graduation.


Use the menu to the left to find all the instructions you will need to complete your yearly portfolio and your Capstone Project.



Upcoming  Events 

  • March 26-30: Family Week - ES
  • April 2: Autism Awareness Day, All staff & students to wear BLUE
  • April 3: Dino Show for ES students
  • April 9-13: Spring Break
  • April 23-27: PBIS Week
  • April 26-27: P/T Conferences
  • May 7-11: Teacher’s Appreciation Week
  • May 14-18: Spirit Week
  • May 25: Graduation Ceremony
  • June 15: Last Day of School